Romantic wedding photography in the Tower Ballroom
Wedding at Blackpool Tower Circus
Bride & Groom in the Blackpool Tower Circus
Blackpool Tower Ballroom_Wedding ceremony_photography
Signing the register in Blackpool Tower ballroom
Wedding photography in Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Bride & Groom in Balcony in the Tower Ballroom
Silhouette of bride & groom in Blackpool Tower
Wedding photography in Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool
Romantic wedding photograph
Blackpool Tower Ballroom wedding photography_002
Blackpool Tower Ballroom wedding photography
Wedding photography in Blackpool Tower Ballroom_003

Wedding Photography in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The spectacular wedding of Yolanda & Max took place in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom. What a venue! Our Bride and Groom are ballroom dancers and regularly fly in from their home in Malta to compete in Blackpool's legendary dance competitions (for which they have many trophies!) so the Tower Ballroom was really the only choice for their wedding ceremony and reception.

The wedding guests were serenaded into the Ballroom to the sounds of the famous Wurlitzer organ. Photographing a wedding ceremony in this magnificent setting was both thrilling and humbling all at the same time. There was also the huge contrast between capturing their wedding with all the grandeur and history of the ballroom and portraying what was actually a very intimate and romantic wedding day.

Blackpool Tower itself provided a beautiful setting for more wedding portraits later in the day as we went to the top of the tower and watched the sea rolling in below. We were also lucky enough to visit the Tower Circus where Yolanda & Max danced away on the famous Tower Circus red carpet. They even got to meet the renowned clowns Mr Boo & Mooky!

I was able to create beautiful romantic portraits everywhere we went, showing the deep love they so clearly have for each other and proving it doesn't matter whether the surroundings are awe-inspiring or not, love is love and being able to document that love through photographs is truly something very magical.

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